Camp Devereux – Summer 2018 Pics!

Camp Devereux 2018 Week #4

We are officially half way through this amazing camp season! We had another great week! We did some science art with Miss Dee. We worked on our camp songs.

We had music with Miss Marina and gymnastics with Miss Amanda. The graders had a special origami workshop with camper Prem’s Dad Chinnu which was tough but the end results were spectacular!

On Friday we ended the week by making our own ice cream with Kasey and Hannah.

We have had a few spots open up for the second half of camp so if you would like to add a day or two or, bring a friend, just shoot me an email:

Have a fun weekend!!

Camp Devereux 2018 Week #3

This week we learned so much about the country of France! We made French flags in art, sang many French songs at roll call and learned a French game or two.

The weather was beautiful and the pool is up to a nice temperature.

Next week our theme will be science but in the meantime let’s all root for France on Sunday!!!

Allez Les Bleus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Camp Devereux 2018 Week #2

Well it was a hot one for sure!

Lucky for us we are a swim camp and the water was fine!

Besides swimming we crafted flags, visors and jewelry.

We learned a few patriotic songs during roll call. The 4th of July tattoos were a huge hit.

We ended the week with our traditional red, white and blue berry/pound cakes desserts.

Next up we celebrate the country of France!

Happy weekend!

Camp Devereux 2018 Week #1

Well what a wet first week we had!

But we made it fun regardless!

In between the rain drops we swam, made friendship bracelets , learned gimp stitches, beaded, and beaded some more, sang songs and made new friends!

With the torrential rains on Thursday we heard a few camps were in all day. But because of our fantastic staff our campers swam and played outside having a memorable camp experience, of course we kept an eye to the sky and came in when storms were in the area!

A truly fantastic first week!!!

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A Little About Camp Devereux

The film was created by Henry MacLean. Henry has been a counselor at Camp Devereux for four years. He attends Emerson College where he will be a sophomore this fall.

Camp Devereux

Marblehead’s Premier Swimming Camp Since 1932

Children can enjoy our great outdoor pool!

Devereux School is pleased to offer Camp Devereux, a summer program for children ages 3 to 9. For decades, our young campers have enjoyed the serenity of our large playground surrounded by trees offering natural shade. It is a wonderful summertime environment ideal for traditional summer activities such as designing a sand castle, relaxing on a blanket making gimp and bead jewelry, or organizing a basketball, soccer, or baseball game with friends. This summer, as in years past, participants in our camp will enjoy the use of our pool located on the grounds of our private playground and will receive daily swim instruction under the guidance of our certified lifeguards. Throughout the summer we will also provide activities that express Devereux School’s appreciation of arts, music, nature, and French.

Self expression through drama and the arts

We are thrilled that Elizabeth Laub will be at the helm of Camp Devereux again this year. A lifetime Marblehead resident, wife, and mother of two daughters, Elizabeth has been a fixture in the town of Marblehead for more than twenty years. Prior to owning and operating a Marblehead institution--The Seagull Gift Shop--Elizabeth dedicated her life to early-childhood education. “The nearly two decades I spent teaching at the Marblehead Children’s Center and Seaside Nursery School were among my most rewarding years,” says Elizabeth. “It is a bonus living in this small town, because even after all the years that have gone by, I still frequently bump into people I used to teach when they were young children, and I am able to see the individuals they have become.”

Celebrate summer with friends!

Elizabeth will be working this spring to improve and expand Devereux’s summer camp curriculum, utilizing her wealth of experience in the field of early childhood development and the expertise she has from serving on Tower School’s Enrichment Committee for seven years. A longtime Marblehead Public Schools Arts Council member and volunteer for several other local committees and organizations, Elizabeth’s history of investing in our community will undoubtedly prove invaluable to Devereux.

Camp Devereux is nut free!

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