Camp Devereux 2013 Pics!

The last week of camp was Devereux Carnival!

We had relay races, sack races, obstacle courses, and the duck pond game, and prizes, prizes, prizes!!

We had a super surprise visit from Carlos of Terry’s ice cream! The truck came right up the drive way! Thanks to Carlos for not only giving us a discounted rate but also giving all of the counselor’s free treats!! Please think of visiting his ice cream shop despite Marblehead’s Big Dig!!

The last few days are traditionally the best days of the summer and this year was no different! We had our pie eating contest, pizza party and a huge treasure hunt on the last day!

A big thank you to all of our great staff for a job well done!

We wish everyone a wonderful school year and hope to see you all back again next summer!

Week #7 at Camp Devereux featured the theme of: In the woods!

Campers made nature bracelets, woodland animal magnets, and enjoyed a smore party!

The pet rock craft was particularly enjoyed by all campers.

We explored our Devereux Woods and the trails in it.

Friday brought us the third theater production of “Monsters on parade”

We will wind up Camp Devereux next week with the Devereux Carnival coming to town with a few surprises!

Week #6 was very fun and educational!

We had an intern from “NAMEPA”, which stands for: North America Marine Environment Protection Association. Her name was Ari and she taught the campers so much!! The week long unit ended with the campers creating a 3d whale from beach debris, (don’t worry Ari cleaned it first!)

We also had another play put on by the talented group A. This week‘s performance was titled “The day the crayons quit.”

And of course we swam and swam and swam!!

Week 5 at Camp Devereux was a tropical vacation!

We started on Monday by making a tropical fruit salad with fresh coconut, papaya, mangos and more.

Art projects included tissue paper fish and tropical mosaics. Our big art project was a group project which consisted of weaving fabric, beads and feathers onto a large 3d fish. The results are beautiful!!

We had our second community harvest of our garden which yielded beans, cucumbers and lettuce. Tomatoes and squash should be ready very soon.

Friday brought our first theater production performed by group A titled “The mystery of the sinking Titanic.”

We ended the week with a luau complete with Hula lessons a piñata and of course the limbo!

Next week we have a college intern majoring in earth science joining us and teaching us how to take care of our ocean waters.

The Heat Wave hits Camp Devereux for Week #4

Well, this week was one for the record books as far as temps go but we all tried to stay cool and hydrated!

Water balloons and water ballet sure helped, as did extra swim time and popsicles!

This week we had a visiting CIT that happens to be a Hip Hop Dancer and he gave us all lessons.

We also had a great week of fine art with Miss Dee!

We should be all set for week #5 with the theme of Tropical Vacation!

Week #3 at Camp Devereux was full of fun!

We focused on different cultures through art and stories. Miss Dee came every day and the campers created incredible art pieces. The littlest campers kept busy with their own projects and a lot more bead work was done!

We ended the week with popsicles for Lily’s birthday!

Camp Devereux’s second week was a celebration of our Nation's birthday!

We made a giant flag using our hand and footprints, used a twirl art paint machine to make firework paints and used A LOT of red, white and blue beads, gimp and duct tape! On Friday we kept cool with extra pool time and a patriotic snack.

We had our first community garden harvest and enjoyed nibbling on sugar snap peas, lettuce and green beans.

The group A boys enjoyed digging into our ebay purchase of a 1,000 piece bulk Lego set while the group A girls worked on choreographing a song and dance number.

Overall a fun, fun week!

Camp Devereux's First Week for Summer 2013!

The first week at Camp Devereux was great despite the showers!

We enjoyed getting to know new friends while swimming, crafting and playing with our new playground toys.

We all loved the lemonade stand put on by group A!

We are looking forward to next week when we celebrate our nations birthday with “Spirit Week”

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