Camp Devereux 2014 Pics!

The last week of Camp Devereux 2014!

This week was the best week as it always is at Camp Devereux!

The theme was Circus and boy did we have fun with it! Our days were full of activities which included: tight rope walking, juggling bean bags, parachute games, clown art, visits from Berkeley the clown, and Laura and Katie the sumo wrestlers. We were all excited when Mr. Kelleher showed us his juggling skills, which were amazing!!

Along with that we had to squeeze in our entire end of summer traditions such as: sack races, egg toss, pie eating and pizza party picnic. We ended the season with our annual treasure hunt.

We want to say thank you to all of the great families that shared their children with us this summer and we hope to see many of you back again next summer!!

Week # 7 at Camp Devereux was great!!

The theme was the big beautiful ocean. We made colorful sea murals using paint, bubble wrap, shells and metallic fish.

We really perfected some of our gymnastic moves with Miss Amanda.

The entire camp created an awesome chalk art over the complete area of the driveway.

Two of our counselors took part in the Ice bucket challenge for ALS awareness. The campers loved being a part of it! Check out the video!

We cannot believe we will be winding down this fantastic summer season next week and we have some fantastic things planned!!

Week #6 of Camp Devereux:

This week brought us the theme of taking care of our planet.

We made awesome night lights of our big beautiful planet with Miss Dee.

We worked in our garden which needed a lot of weeding and we are fortunate to have many hands to make light work of it!

The pool was nice and warm and at this point in our camp season many of our younger swimmers are taking the” deep water test” with much success!

The Lego creations are out of this world as are our fuse bead art!

Enjoy these photos!

Week #5 at Camp Devereux

This week was a lot of fun with the theme being reptiles, bugs and in the woods!

We spent a lot of time on our trails, we made “steam punk” bugs with Miss Dee and we all enjoyed the traditional “in the woods” snack of S’mores.

Though it was “off theme” making boomerangs with Laura was a huge hit as was learning to jump rope with Miss Amanda.

The older girls worked hard on learning a routine that they shared with us on Thursday, it was very impressive.

The progress that all the campers have made in regards to their swimming skills is absolutely amazing!!!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the photos!

Week #4: Peace week

We are mid-season at Camp Devereux!

This week brought our first stormy day but we made the best of it with a dance party with Miss Amanda, crafts, games and an afternoon movie.

In other news this week, all campers made really cool tee shirts with Miss Dee and peace sign key chains with Laura.

The older campers designed and implemented a great lemonade stand which was held on Thursday.

The cooler weather on Friday was perfect for baking our tie dye cake!

We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we are enjoying your children!!!

Week #3 at Camp Devereux was a hot one!

We managed to beat the heat with the pool and sprinklers.

We celebrated the country of France and Bastille Day!

In art we made beautiful French flag mosaics and glittery pictures of The Eiffel Tower.

We learned a few new gymnastic games with Miss Amanda.

We also celebrated a few birthdays with Popsicle treats.

We had our second community harvest of our garden by picking green beans, basil and lettuce.

On Friday we made a large French Flag using our handprints!

Have a great weekend!

Week # 2 of Camp Devereux flew by!!

We made patriotic kaleidoscopes with Miss Dee.

We enjoyed beading with red, white and blue star beads.

The older campers created incredible objects using duct tape!

One of CIT’s is an incredible drummer and led a drum workshop that the campers then shared with the group during morning roll call.

On Thursday we celebrated the 4th early with festive fruit sundaes and by decorating visors to wear to all of the celebrations over the weekend.

Of course the highlight of this hot week was the pool with even the youngest of our campers cooling off by going in!

Have a fun and safe holiday weekend!

A great first week at Camp Devereux!

The pool was cool, the sun shone bright and old and new friends played together!

We had art with Miss Dee and gymnastics with Miss Amanda.

We swam and swam and ate watermelon.

We all worked together to make a Welcome to Camp Devereux banner.

All in all a wonderful way to kick off another fun summer at Camp Devereux!!

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