Camp Devereux – Summer 2016 Pics!

Week #8 was just great!

As usual we save the best for last! Olympics was the theme and we had contests all week long: sack, relay, diving, hulu hoops, egg toss and pie eating.

Many of our older swimmers swam their mile swim and received their certificates.

We had a visit from Terry’s ice cream truck.

We had fun with Olympic crafts and viewed a beautiful dance choreographed by the campers and Camille.
The last day brought a camp wide pizza party and scavenger hunts!

I would like to thank all the councilors and CIT’S for a job well done!

We thank you all for sharing your fantastic children with us this summer and wish you all a great last few weeks.

I will post dates and registration info early in 2017 so check back if you would like to join us again next summer!

We survived Week #7!

We had to use the oppressive word for two days this week plus our first full day of rain.

Luckily we have the best councilors ever! Campers got to swim in the rain, play a ton of games and work on a ton of crafts ( no more fuzz beads please!!!)

We also kept cool with a movie and streaming USA gymnastics outside in the shade with freeze pops!

We are gearing up for next week, our final one with the theme of Olympics!!!

Week #6 at Camp Devereux

This week went by with new games, fun art and fantastic sand castles.

The highlight of the week was our lemonade stand. This year the donations are going to SPUR’S back pack drive and with the campers hard work we collected $60.

It is wonderful to have such caring campers!

We only have 2 more weeks of camp and they are going to be great!

Week #5 at Camp Devereux

It was a fun hot week!

Art was a beautiful nature sun catcher that produced amazing results!

Marina was back for chorus as was Amanda for gymnastics.

Our garden is growing like crazy and it yielded a lot of zucchini !

Hayley made zucchini bread with the campers on Friday.

Also on Friday was a surprise concert by Jet and Rex's dad which became a musical play a long :)

Enjoy your weekend!

Week #4 at Camp Devereux

We had another great week! We had art , music, gymnastics and a ton of swimming!

The craze this week has been weaving potholders. It has taken A LOT of time and energy but the end results are fantastic!

The garden is coming along with a bumper crop of zucchini planned for next week. Laura is working on finding a few recipes to make with the campers.

We ended the week with all day free swim and by making our very own ice cream!

Week #3 at Camp Devereux

It was a hot one and we are happy to have a pool!!!

We had much fun with French crafts and snacks!

We had three birthdays celebrated with Popsicles!

Keep cool this weekend!!

This week flew by with patriotic art and songs.

We welcomed old friends back to camp and made new ones.

We enjoyed an awesome obstacle course made by Berkeley.

Some of us started friendship bracelets.

The week ended cloudy and cool but no rain!

The first week of Camp Devereux went very well!

Art, songs, gymnastics and a lot of bead work!!!

Oh, and swimming!!!!

We had a special visit from Curious Creatures for Gracie's birthday and a Popsicle treat to celebrate Caroline 's 5th!

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