Camp Devereux – Summer 2018 Pics!

Camp Devereux 2018 Week #8

What a fantastic finish to a fun summer!

We want to thank all of our Camp Devereux staff for providing a relaxing, caring, engaging, kind and a “big back yard” experience for our campers!

We want to thank all the families for sharing your children with us! We hope everyone had as much fun as we did!

We wish you all a successful school year and we hope to see many of you back here for Camp Devereux 2019!!!!

Camp Devereux 2018 Week #7

This was the most humid week ever! But our campers kept cool! We played sprinkler games and made our very own slip and slide!

We did nature crafts. We sang songs and just had plain old fun!

The Devereux students have been teaching our campers how to meditate and they are getting pretty good at it!

Next week is our last week and our most anticipated theme: Carnival Week!

Have a great weekend!

Camp Devereux 2018 Week #6

This week was game week!

We made sport necklaces with Miss Dee.

Campers were challenged with obstacle courses.

The pool is so warm and refreshing with many of the campers passing their “deep water” test.

Thursday brought a cannonball contest among the councilors.

All and all a fun week!

Camp Devereux 2018 Week #5

Our theme was “Water Week “ and we were fortunate that for the most part the rain stayed away!

We had art, gymnastics and music.

Our councilors were fantastic and added water/sponge relays, sprinklers, the favorite: Dunk Tank hat game and tons of water balloon fun!

Our garden is starting to come in and Kasey and the graders made us zucchini brownies that were delicious!

Wishing everyone a fun summer weekend!

Camp Devereux 2018 Week #4

We are officially half way through this amazing camp season! We had another great week! We did some science art with Miss Dee. We worked on our camp songs.

We had music with Miss Marina and gymnastics with Miss Amanda. The graders had a special origami workshop with camper Prem’s Dad Chinnu which was tough but the end results were spectacular!

On Friday we ended the week by making our own ice cream with Kasey and Hannah.

We have had a few spots open up for the second half of camp so if you would like to add a day or two or, bring a friend, just shoot me an email:

Have a fun weekend!!

Camp Devereux 2018 Week #3

This week we learned so much about the country of France! We made French flags in art, sang many French songs at roll call and learned a French game or two.

The weather was beautiful and the pool is up to a nice temperature.

Next week our theme will be science but in the meantime let’s all root for France on Sunday!!!

Allez Les Bleus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Camp Devereux 2018 Week #2

Well it was a hot one for sure!

Lucky for us we are a swim camp and the water was fine!

Besides swimming we crafted flags, visors and jewelry.

We learned a few patriotic songs during roll call. The 4th of July tattoos were a huge hit.

We ended the week with our traditional red, white and blue berry/pound cakes desserts.

Next up we celebrate the country of France!

Happy weekend!

Camp Devereux 2018 Week #1

Well what a wet first week we had!

But we made it fun regardless!

In between the rain drops we swam, made friendship bracelets , learned gimp stitches, beaded, and beaded some more, sang songs and made new friends!

With the torrential rains on Thursday we heard a few camps were in all day. But because of our fantastic staff our campers swam and played outside having a memorable camp experience, of course we kept an eye to the sky and came in when storms were in the area!

A truly fantastic first week!!!

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