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Congratulations to Devereux School’s students and French teacher, Madame Virginie Treilhou, for their performance in this year’s Le Grand Concours National French Contest. Read more...

A provider that connects Vermont-area farmers to Boston-area residents recently set up a weekly food pick-up site in Marblehead and is inviting local families to learn more about its services. Read more...

The outgoing nursery students that will be heading to kindergarten this fall went on a very educational field trip to the fire station. On their arrival they were taught basic fire safety and got to tour Marblehead’s newest fire truck named “ Spirit of 76” . Six of these students will become kinders with Sabin this fall!

Fire Station Field Trip 2013

This event gave the school’s musicians a chance to perform in front of friends and family.

Under the direction of Marina Gutin, (piano) and Eric Russell, (guitar) the students proudly showed the musical abilities that they have acquired over the course of the school year.

It was an amazing evening!

Annual Soiree Musicale 2013 Annual Soiree Musicale 2013 Annual Soiree Musicale 2013

The children celebrated May Day on Wednesday May 1st this year. After patiently through several soggy spring days, the children were finally able to celebrate May Day on Friday May 11th. They started with a few recitations of spring verse, followed by skipping and dancing around the Maypole, and wrapped up with decorating their spring flower cookies while enjoying a refreshing glass of lemonade. Needless to say, it was a beautiful morning spent at Devereux School.

May Day 2013 May Day 2013 May Day 2013
By Alexandra Pecci – Northshore Magazine

A young Marblehead scientist sells his pharmaceutical startup for a not-so-small fortune, using his millions to save the town’s loved Devereux School from shutting its doors. Read more »

By Staff reports for the Marblehead Reporter
Posted Apr 25, 2012

Since Marblehead resident and scientist Todd Zion bought the Devereux School in mid-2011, improvements to the school’s campus and curriculum have been under way. Now, as summer is nearing, the school is announcing some exciting new changes to its staff.

“We are a small school, so the hiring of every new faculty or staff member is done through a painstaking process so that we get it right,” said Zion. “We are excited to announce the hiring of Elizabeth Laub as our new summer-camp director, and later this spring we expect to announce a new member of our teaching staff.” Read more »

By Lena Robinson – Special Reporter for the Marblehead Reporter
Posted Jan 11, 2012

When Todd Zion founded his own pharmaceutical research company at age 28 while still a doctoral candidate at MIT, he could not have envisioned that it would lead to his role, years later, in saving an 80-year-old elementary school.

“I never thought that a local school would turn out to have such major significance in my life,” the 36-year-old said. “But now I can’t imagine things any other way.” Read more »

Other News of Interest

by James Martin - Special to Globe and Mail Update

Earlier this month, Google announced a new “multitask mode” for its Chrome browser, allowing people to increase productivity by using a mouse in each hand, at the same time. It was, of course, just one of the Internet giant’s many April Fool’s Day jokes. But the germ of the gag – “While browsing, you’re only using 50 per cent of your hands,” deadpanned a designer in a video tutorial – is just a hair away from being a viable idea and, as such, it gets at the heart of Google’s philosophy of innovation: Constantly question everything. Read more »

There are strident disagreements these days over every aspect of American educational policy, except for one. Everyone thinks it would be great if we could better teach students how to innovate. Read more »

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